About Smitter Sports

SmitterPC Sports was actually started around 1990 in Huntington Beach, CA when Smitter and PC hooked up to start running NCAA Tournament Pools and Fantasy Football leagues.  Once we got a bit older, and the focus of our friends and families shifted to our kids, we started building apps for more adult sporting activities (ie watching your kids play sports).  So our app business was born with Sports Video HD, the first sports video software of its kind that allows you to inject a real-time scoreboard into your videos and upload it to share with your family and friends!

We have since branched out into a number of related projects, and we can only talk about them here because they aren't live yet.  Rest assured, they will blow your socks clean off, especially if you are a Dad, or Mom, looking to be a sports video hero with your kids (and we all know that you are)!

Co-Founder / Chief Marketer

Steve Smith (aka "Smitter")

Smitter has been designing, developing and marketing software applications for the last 15 years.  In a previous life he was a rocket scientist, which is where he met PC (ie the brains behind this operation).  

Smitter is passionate about Sports and Technology, and is the driving force behind all of our gadgets for making sports videos easier and more fun to make for the average sports fan!


Co-Founder / Chief Engineer

Paul Causey (aka "PC")

Paul has been building cutting edge software since Jobs & Wozniak were first tinkering around in their garage with the original Mac (or somewhere in that vicinity).  He's a true rocket scientist (as opposed to Smitter, ie the mouth behind this operation).

PC is passionate about making great apps for sports, and space exploration.  He's also a big fan of all things Mac, tho he is willing to eventually write some Android apps too (if we are lucky)!


Our Philosophy

Create the software so that it gets out of the way!

Truly great software doesn't do that much, mostly because it doesn't have to.  You know what you are trying to accomplish, and its up to us to provide a tool that compliments that job, not detracts from it.  

We want our Sports apps to feel effortless in your hands.  The buttons should be where you expect them.  The actions should be quick and intuitive.  And you should be able to let others drive without major instruction.

Please let us know if we are coming close to hitting that mark!


The best app isn't just "software" its a full solution!

Software isn't the only way to accomplish a job.  In fact, its usually necessary to employ physical tools, and create methodology to accomplish a task.  

Sports videos are like this.  Your iPhone or iPad may be capable of tremendous things in your hands, but only with great software, a better lens, perhaps a tripod or mount, and of course some tips & tricks ... then you are truly dangerous!

We want this to be how we approach this problem with you!

It’s good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling.
— Mark Twain
I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.
— Muhammad Ali
If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?
— Vince Lombardi