ScoreCam for iOS

Capture, score and share!  Our new ScoreCam video app is simply the best way to film the game!

  • Keep a live scoreboard while filming
  • Pause/resume the action  
  • Share your personal highlight reel with your friends/family online.

ScoreCam turns amateur sports videographers, coaches or parents into instant pros.  See the game as if it was a live TV broadcast.   Its never been easier!

Get ScoreCam on the App Store ... and try it for yourself!

Top Features 

11 reasons why we know that its always "ScoreCam" time!

  • "Live" Scoreboard - ever wish you could record your kids big game, and not have to pan over to the scoreboard ever 5 minutes to know the score?  Now with ScoreCam you can embed a live Scoreboard controlled directly by you into the video feed.  Now you'll know the score at every moment.  Its almost like a real-time sportscast ... and your kids will love it!
  • Interactive Scoring Controls - change the score for either team with a tap of your finger, or swipe up/down to change it as well.  Press and hold on the scoreboard to change the names of the teams, swap sides, change the interval, and more.  Its completely interactive.
  • Pause Live Video - one of the main features you need to record a game is missing from Apple's video app.  But we've got it!  Use the dedicated Pause & Record buttons to freeze the action during time-outs, or lulls in the play.  Resume instantly.  Saves memory and improves playback as you aren't recording a bunch of dead space!
  • Make Video Clips - use the separate stop button to save the video at any time.  Create instant video clips to share with your friends.  The score is embedded.  Just upload and share!
  • Hot Camera With Flash - and of course you can take still shots too.  With the "hot" camera function you can even take picture *while* you are recording the action!  Use the built-in flash to capture the big moments after the game.  All you need in one app!
  • Rotate Camera - selfies anyone!  Rotate the camera around to put yourself into the action and see the score at the same time!
  • Super-size Your Buttons - its the big moment in the game, you are running down the sidelines to follow the action, you try to press the record button ... and it works ... every time!  This is likely only possible with GameTime with our patented (okay, not really) super-size control buttons.  Big for your hands!
  • Dedicated Library Function - we've added a separate ScoreCam folder under your main photo library, just so you can keep all your ScoreCam vids and pics separate.  Of course they show up in your main library too.  We've just made them easier to find.
  • Portrait or Landscape Mode - record the game in either Portrait or Landscape mode.  The app rotates all of the functions including the scoreboard with fluid precision.
  • Real-time Video Editing - create your videos AT the game and upload them immediately after the horn blows at the end.  Don't tell your kids "Daddy needs to go home and use iMovie" to edit the game.  Nobody has time for that!  Just edit the movie with all pauses, scoreboard, and voice commentary while you are watching the game.  Then use Apple's AirPlay technology to stream from iPhone or iPad directly to your TV using AppleTV. Its that easy!
  • Pro Video Tools/Solutions - check out the fantastic 3rd-party products that you can use to mount your iPhone or iPad, stabilize the video, add microphones to capture the sound, zoom lenses to get closer to the action or add pro lights for filming.  Your iPhone or iPad is an amazingly powerful videography tool ... and its *easy* to use ... with ScoreCam at the center of your sport experience!

Example Videos

Visit our Hall of Fame page for several live examples taken with ScoreCam!  

If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?
— Vince Lombardi