These are some of the most frequent questions we get, with answers.  We do very much like to hear from our customers.  Let us know how we can help!

In-App Purchasing

First, if you have not made any In-App purchases, you are limited to 2 minutes (or 120 seconds) of video recording time.

You are also not able to make any modifications to the scoreboard and you are not able to use the Scoreboard Remote features.

What are the limitations when no In-App content is purchased?



Basic Settings / Styling

How do I access the Settings menu?

Two ways. You can access the Settings menu by clicking the Gear icon in the main menu bar (General Settings), or jump directly to the Settings > Scoreboard menu by tap/hold on the scoreboard.  

How do I change the team names and colors ?

You can modify the team names, colors, switch sides and adjust the current score all from the Settings > Scoreboard menu.

How do I turn on/off the scoreboard ?

The scoreboard can be turned on/off in either the main Settings panel or the Scoreboard settings panel using the Scoreboard On/Off slider.

New:  In the iPad version you have an On/Off button in the upper right corner.

Playing / Sharing Videos & Pics

Why do videos no longer get saved to the Photos Library in the Photos app?

Disable the "Save Videos Locally" option under settings to save photos and videos directly to the Photos Library. 

In case of a crash during recording, videos are still recovered in the "Local Files" area (Library -> "View Local Files" button at bottom of screen)

You can watch any videos, or see your photos by clicking on the Library button in ScoreCam.  You can also save your videos to the Photos Library where you can access them from your Photos app. By default, ScoreCam saves your videos into the 'ScoreCam' album.

How do I watch the Videos I've made?

Can I use AirPlay to view my Videos on my TV?

If you have an AppleTV you can watch your ScoreCam videos directly using AirPlay.  

Click here for detailed instructions.

Can I share the Videos on YouTube or FaceBook?

Of course!  That's one of the best ways to get your friends, family, team involved.  iOS provides native support for iCloud, YouTube, FaceBook, and Vimeo.

Click here for detailed YouTube instructions. 


Memory Mgmt / Saving Videos

I shut down the app before my video saved, did I lose it?

No.  ScoreCam will restart the save process once you re-launch the app.  You will also get a warning message saying the video was recovered.

My video didn't save, what happened?

Make sure you have adequate space for recording your videos!  Also check the "Local Files" area from the "Library" icon. (Photos Library -> View Local Files button at bottom of screen)

How much space do I need for my videos?

On average you are going to need approx. 40MB per minute for HD video.  So a 10 minute video will consume almost 400MB.  If you use the Pause/Resume feature, you won't use nearly as much space, but keep an eye on the recording time so you'll be able to gauge.      

Time (Min)    Size (GB)
15 video       0.60 
30 video      1.20 
45 video      1.80 
60 video      2.40