How to Watch Videos Using Apple AirPlay

One of the best features Apple ever invented is AirPlay, and for some reason its relatively hard to find on your iPhone or iPad.  Many people don't even realize they have it!

If you'd like to watch your Videos, or see your Photos, on your TV you just need to have an AppleTV unit hooked up.  They are only $99 at Amazon, so if you don't have one.  Get one!  

With it, you can stream your videos and photos directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your TV with AirPlay as the middle man.  Its very simple to use, and looks fantastic!

Note:  If you need help hooking up your AppleTV unit for the first time, please visit Apple's website.

3 Steps to Start Streaming

Here's the 3 simple steps to show your ScoreCam videos/photo on AirPlay.

First, go into your Photos app on your iOS device, and select the video/photo you'd like to see.  Then click the Share button in lower left.

Next under Share options click on the AirPlay button.

If your AppleTV is on, and you are within range, you should see the AirPlay > AppleTV option listed.  Click it.

That's it!  You should now see the Video/Photo on your TV.  Click Play / Pause or use the other controls on your AirPlay software.  Enjoy!