Introducing ScoreCam for iOS

Launching our little project, and new company Smitter Sports featuring our first app "ScoreCam" for iOS. We (i.e. myself and PC) hope to build a fun sports centric business focused on capturing, scoring and sharing your sporting events. The new app combines great video/photo capabilities with a unique method for managing a real-time scoreboard. We believe its the first of its kind!

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If you'd like to download the new app, by all means, here's the link:

Much more to come! 

Starting our Beta Testing

The Big Fella (ie PC, you know him) and I have been busy working on our first mobile app for the new company.  Its not our "first" app, technically speaking, as we both have quite a bit of experience in developing mobile apps ... however its the first we are doing together.  And that makes it kinda special!

Then again, what is truly "special" about long hours slaving away on minute details like why doesn't the Camera button make a sound when you click it or how many pixels of offset do we want in the ring that goes around the Camera button ... or ... what freakin' color should the camera icon actually be!?  Now that is a big decision.  I mean, what designer in their right mind would make that thing blue to go along with an obnoxiously large green record button anyways?  Answer:  we would!

But that's really the good stuff isn't it.  What IS truly special is getting to make decisions like putting in an obnoxiously large green record because its really the right thing to do!  Its an app for recording sports.  Who wants small buttons that you might miss when you try to click them?  And who in their right mind ever decided that the recording button should be red in most every app on the planet?  It should be green obviously ... as green = GO!

However, I digress, the good stuff is really those trans-atlantic phone calls w/ PC while he's driving into work.  That's our version of the "stand-up" Sprint meeting.  And frankly, it kinda works brilliantly.  There isn't much time for chit-chat when you only have 45 minutes before the Big Fella gets to work and goes into one of those ridiculously long hallways at whichever aerospace company he's currently working for and the reception on his phone instantly quits.  Ok, meeting over!

So ... in a long-winded way, this is our first blog post, for our first beta test, for our first app.  We hope there will be many more to follow.  But that really depends on you, our beta testers, as we can't release baby until you can look us in the eye and convince us that its worthy to ship.  And that we made the right choice on the big green record button.  I love that thing!  How about you?